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If you receive an email from an address listed below, we at believe you should take caution when corresponding. Why? They may be trying to pull a fast one on you...

How email addresses make this list:
•   Excessive emails to people using our site. If you are interested in every Motorcycle and ATV listed here, and you email everyone the same basic email within 30 minutes, you are sure to make this list. (And yes, we do get copies.)
•   The famous "Let me over-pay you" scam...Come on, that one's old!
•   Or this classic – "I am overseas, I like your item, and WOW! I know of a shipper!" (Do they really believe we think there is a shortage of Motorcycles in other countries?)
•   Tips from our users (not automatic inclusion).

How email addresses get removed from this list:
•   Contact If you are on this list, we have already tried to contact you.

The use of forms to contact sellers helps reduce the number on potential scams. However, it is not 100%. For more information, please visit our section on Fraud Prevention Tips.
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